TP Series SiPM

TP Series SiPM

Highly Compact Wafer Level Package SiPM

A wafer-level package based on TSV technology with excellent compactness, and almost the entire front surface is photosensitive area

Main Performance Characteristics

  • Compact&Robust

  • High gain

  • High sensitivity

  • High photo detection efficiency

  • Fast response

  • Low operating voltage

  • Temperature stable

  • Magnetic field compatible

Dead zone is almost eliminated, splicing is no longer a problem

The photosensitive area accounts for up to 99%, the package size equals chip size is basically achieved, you can splice it happily

Based on advanced wafer level package, compactness and reliability

With a new wafer-level package, integrated thinness, miniaturization and reliability together

High-precision lithography signal path, with better uniformity and stability

Vertical interconnection achieved by TSV technology, lithography technology wiring, signal path accuracy is up to micron level, effectively reduce signal transmission fluctuations and increase signal uniformity

High photon detection efficiency

Up to 35% Peak wavelength photon detection efficiency, gives TP series SiPM excellent photon capture capability

Single photon sensitivity

TP series SiPM features single photon sensitivity and it’s very easy to capture of low light signals

Excellent time performance

Ultra-fast response, signal rise time as low as 1ns

36mm2 photosensitive area, the best choice for

 large area detection

In the case of the same photosensitive area, the TP6000 series can significantly reduce the number of channels, making it easier to use,

and the cost per unit area is further reduced, which is more cost-optimized