Evaluation Kits and Development Tools

Evaluation board of SiPM, a good choice for quick testing

Integrated amplification and dual output of raw signal for signal acquisition with different needs   丨   Small signals are easily read out benefit from a high-magnification amplifier   丨   Equipped with standard SMA connectors

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High SNR array summing evaluation board

Multi-channel summing to single-channel, solution for large area detection 丨   High SNR sum output based on diode coupling technology

丨   Equipped with standard connectors, easy to use

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SiPM power supply with temperature compensation

Low output rpple: 5mVp-p    丨   The sensor is mounted on a dividual tiny board, You no longer need to worry about installation space

Wide output voltage range: 22V-35V   丨  Wide temperature compensation range ( -30 ° C ~ +60 ° C ) to ensure the stability of the detector

SiPM photon counting system, flexible and adjustable parameters,real-time observation of results, help you quickly find the best parameters

Wide adjustable threshold range    丨   MCU is extensible, which is conducive to system integration  
Adjustable counting time and interval  丨  Real-time data transmission, display, save and transfer