TP3000 Series SiPM Array

The best helper for large area array detection

A Wafer-level packaging based on TSV technology, the dead zone is almost completely eliminated    

0.1mm channel space, the structure is compact

Multi-channel independent output, easy to get position information 

Plug and play, conducive to module development

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TN3000 Series SiPM Array

A planar array detector for large area detection

Multi-channel with independent output    丨   Plug and play, convenient for modularization development

丨  Quad and compact, facilitate 4-side extension

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TN1000 Series SiPM Array

Designed for low light imaging

0.2mm channel space, compact and robust    丨   Each channel is independently output, easy to get position information

Quad and compact, conducive to larger area expansion  丨  Excellent noise performance, suitable for ultra low photon flux detection