Medical Equipment

The SiPM is one of the core device of instruments like PET (PET-CT, PET-MRI), SPECT etc. Compared to traditional detector such as PMT, APD, the SiPM is superior in comprehensive properties. As a silicon-based detector, the SiPM is compact, magnetic field compatible, robust, and it owns excellent timing performance, signal-to-noise rate, easy use. The operating voltage of SiPM is lower than 30 V, as a comparison, the PMT or APD needs hundreds volt.

Main Application Cases

Gamma probe
Photon counting CT

Benefits of SiPM

  • Superior timing performance
    Fast response, high time resolution

  • High PDE

  • Single photon resolution

  • Low operating voltage

  • Compatible with the magnetic field
    up to 7 T

  • Excellent energy resolution

  • Excellent temperature stability

  • Compact
    Large area compatible

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