TN Series SiPM

TN Series SiPM

Remarkable performance little chip

Dedicated optimized in standard CMOS technology, performance and reliability, you can trust it.

Main Performance Characteristics

  • High gain

  • High sensitivity

  • High photo detection efficiency

  • Fast response

  • Low operating voltage

  • Temperature stable

  • Magnetic field compatible

  • Compact&Robust

Ultra fast response

TN Series SiPM achieves ultra fast response with rising time of 0.88ns

*measure from TN1037@Vov=2V

High photon detection efficiency

The advanced anti-reflection coating guarantees the ability of capturing photons. The PDE at peak wavelength reaches  35%

(TN3050@Vov=2 V)

Outstanding noise performance, suitable for precise analysis

Excellent photon counting ability

Sensitive to single photon, one of the few sensors for photon counting
Best choice for ultra low photon flux detection

Excellent temperature stability of breakdown voltage

The temperature departmence of breakdown voltage is 34.4 mV/℃, the change rate is 1.3%/℃

Quad Flat No-lead Package,Optimized for large area expansion

The TN3000 Series SiPM emply the Quad Flat No-lead Package which is suitable for array expansion, meeting the needs of large area detection

Full-wrapped package with high transparency

Optical DFN package based on full metal frame achieves the excellent temperature stability and high transparency, the moisture sensitive level reaches 3