High Energy Physics

It is very common in the high energy physics field to track the high energy particles by detecting the photons generated by the particles. There a lot of challenges for the photon detectors, and extreme single photon sensitivity, dynamic range, stability, magnetic field compatibility, compactness are required. The SiPM is one of the seldom device meeting the needs of physics, and it is widely applied to the high energy physics experiments and space physics experiments.

Main Application Cases

Cosmic ray detector
Neutrino detector
Cherenkov detector
HEP Calorimeter

Benefit of SiPM

  • Superior timing performance
    Fast response, high time resolution

  • High PDE

  • Single photon resolution
    Photon counting ability

  • Low operating voltage

  • Naturally compatible with the magnetic field up to 7 T

  • Excellent energy resolution

  • Slow aging

  • Compact
    Large area compatible

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